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About The NGO


Name: Bharatiya Gramin Vidyalaya 

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Established : 1972

Registered under the Societies Registration Act 1960





Our founder Dr. S.B.Misra grew up in hardships. He was fond of studies but there was no school in the neighborhood. He had to walk 24 kms each day for schooling.

He would often question why there was no school in the neighbourhood. It was his sheer hard work and determination that he became the first person in village to complete High School, Post Graduate & later to fly in a plane.He received a scholarship to pursue Masters in Newfoundland, Canada. During his Masters, he came into limelight for his discovery of some of the oldest form of life on earth, later named after him – fractofusus misrai.

It continued to bother him that the children in his village, had to still walk the 24kms for schooling. At the peek of his career, he decided to quit the career in West and returned from Canada to start a school in his village.



In 1971, Dr S..B.Misra accompanied with his wife Nirmala Misra founded the school – Bharatiya Gramin Vidyalaya with the dream to educate the children in the village and nearby.

The organisation since then has transformed thousands of lives not only through education but also through socio-economic welfare programmes like training courses for unemployed youth, courses for young widows, entrepreneurship programme for women, forestation drives, tailoring courses, etc. The NGO is also imparting computer education and has demonstrated some very good results in Board Examinations. 


Development Needs 

Here are the priority areas which we need to work on in future : 

       * Transport facility for children. Children are either  absent or drop out. Physically challenged cannot study.

*  Add desk and chairs to class rooms which do not have Rs. 

*  Add internet facility to the school

* Renovation of Toilets for children and teachers

* Adding science education facility, currently we offer Commerce and Humanities

* Complete much needed repair work of the building and add additional classrooms and lab facility.

* Sports facility for elder children - like volley ball, basket ball, cricket